This Automatic Fruit Peeling Machine Will Make Peeling Fruit An Easy Task

Everyone loves eating yummy fruits. They’re very nutritious and help keep you going through out the day. You just grab one and eat it, it’s that easy. Except some fruits need an extra step: peeling. Like oranges. Well, with this Orange Peel Domestic Fruit Peeler, you can make peeling oranges an easy, automatic task! Plus it looks super cool!
Don’t be fooled by the name, it doesn’t only peel oranges. This device actually peels all types of fruit, as long as it’s spherical or oval.



It’s very simple to use. You just place the fruit on the bottom cylinder that has three points (like a trident) to hold it in place. You start the peeler by pressing the button at the top and let it do the magic! If you feel that it’s necessary to adjust the thickness of the blade, you can also do that by adjusting the cylinder with the probe tube.



The Orange Peel Domestic Fruit Peeler is available to the U.S. through Amazon.

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