This Portable Light Gives You the Best Lighting No Matter Where You Are

If you’re a photographer, YouTuber, or even just someone who likes taking pictures for fun, you know how important lighting is. Even if you take the most well-composed, interesting shot, it won’t matter if you can’t see it.
The Life Lite is designed to help you capture life’s best moments, no matter what camera you have or where you are.



It syncs directly to your phone, letting you control one or multiple Life Lites from the Bluetooth-powered app. The app gives you the power to control the light settings from up to 90 feet away!


Clocking in at just over an inch wide, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, yet it comes with 10 different lighting settings—just as many as giant professional studio lights.


With its long-lasting battery, you’ll never worry about not being able to get the perfect shot. You can get 60 minutes of light at 100% charge, and 30 minutes at 50% charge. And when you need to recharge the battery, simply plug the micro USB port in a regular power cube or your computer.



Check out the light in action in the video below!

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