Stay Cozy in This Magnetic Sleeping Bag

You know what makes things better? Science. Science makes things better. Yes, even sleeping bags.
Zippers are an inevitability in life, but they simply weren’t designed to stand up to dirt and sand. Grains get stuck in the teeth and it becomes impossible to close. Even worse still, sometimes they get stuck on cloth or bent out of shape.
Well, the NoZipp sleeping bag has replaced flimsy zippers with magnets! Magnets! Now you can seal your sleeping bag and keep it that way.

The NoZipp has two rows of magnets next to each other, so you can adjust the size or close it doubly tight! Depending on the weather, you can tighten it up to stay toasty or open it wider to let the cool air in. Many standard sleeping bags leave you hanging in unbearable temperatures, but keep you clement enough not to die.

The NoZipp doesn’t settle for acceptable; it’s designed to be exceptional!

The NoZipp is designed for use in all conditions – from dirty forests to wet caverns to sandy beaches!

Best of all, the magnets are positioned only half way up the bag. You can kick and scream through as many night terrors as you want without accidentally opening the NoZipp!

It’s available now through Amazon for $399!


Check it out in the video below!

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NOZIPP Ultralight Zipperless Sleeping Bag