This Portable Desktop Mini USB Air Humidifier And Purifier Is Perfect For Your Office

When it comes to the essentials to have on hand at the modern office, it varies from job to job and desk to desk. A broad variety of tools and gadgets can be brought to mind and regarded as essential by many different people, and this lovely little gadget is probably not one of them. However, you may just need one regardless. This charming and decorative air purifier and humidifier comes pint-sized, and needs only a usb port to work.
Not only does it help purify the air, but it can also help moisturize your skin and helps reduce dust and pollen from spreading. It comes in purple, pink, or green and fits neatly upon your desk. If you want to get really fancy, you can also turn it into an air freshener by adding aromatic oils to the water. It’s a great and affordable device that is sure to spruce up your desk life.





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Portable Desktop Mini USB Clover Air Humidifier And Purifier