This Light-Up Gliding Soccer Ball Just Changed The Game

With the Light Up Gliding Soccer Ball, young men and women can find their aspirations to kick a ball indoors answered in harmony with a parents desire to see their home (and general safety) maintained without it looking like an active war zone after kick off. This is a new gadget that promises to offer the capacity for kids (and kids at heart) to play indoors with a smooth and swift gliding soccer ball and to have a ton of fun while doing so.
Think of it as an inverse design of an air hockey table; instead of the table blasting air, the ‘puck’ is doing the blasting. If that weren’t enough, alongside being good fun during the day, lighting up means the chance to play at night is also in the cards. This means fun games in the backyard on late autumn evenings are definitely an option.




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Light-up Gliding Soccer Ball - Air Power Soccer Disk with LED Lights