Make Your Patio Party A Little Cooler With The Igloo Party Bar Cooler

You buy a cooler and you start to use it right? Wrong. Throughout the night, the logistics of such an aim become far more challenging. The ice melts, your cooler can only hold so much beer, and it’s often a red and white plastic box that has seen far better days. So why not grab this 21st century cooler to end all coolers?
A large, stylish, and crucially portable cooler that serves to ensure that your next party and the ones thereafter are flawless affairs when it comes to having drinks on hand. A bottle opener and bottle cap catcher come installed on the side, 16 waterproof LED lights illuminate the compartments for easy night drinking, and the base is removable if you don’t want this beast of a cooler to be portable. Lights, style, ice, and wheels. What more could you want?





via Igloo Coolers
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