Answer Calls with Your Fingertip, Without Picking Up Your Phone

Smartphone technology is, generally speaking, on a steady progression towards completely hands-free gadgets. We as a species tried that out with bluetooth earpieces, but disliked how tacky they made us look. Well, with the Sgnl, you can get the convenience of a bluetooth built-in to your watch strap.
Sgnl is a smartwatch/watch/wearable technology that lets you receive phone calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Simply tap your wrist, hold your hand up to your ear, and talk.

Sgnl’s built-in body conduction unit (BCU) allows your phone call to vibrate through your hand into your finger tip, so all you have to do is raise your hand to your ear. Sgnl is so subtle, you cannot feel the vibration through your hand. To respond, speak directly into Sgnl’s built-in microphone in the wrist.


Sgnl can be attached to a watch face, a smart watch, or be worn as an independent wearable. It’s discreet, so nobody has to know you’re wearing it and no one will be able to hear your calls.


It’s easy to install and compatible with your existing charging cables.


Get it on Kickstarter for $139!


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