One Shoe, Five Different Possibilities

You’re out for an evening on the town, dressed to the nines in your fanciest stilettos. About an hour in, you’re regretting your wardrobe choice.
Not to worry! Mime et moi has your perfect solution. Well, five perfect solutions to be exact.
Whether you’re running errands, have a business meeting, are dancing at a club or out for a walk, Mime et moi has one shoe that does it all. These shoes are groundbreaking because instead of switching your entire piece of footwear, you can just remove the heel.


A lever is attached to the outer sole on the bottom of your shoe, which can be pulled on to release the heel. Pick your next choice, move it into position and step down firmly to snap it into place.


The shoes come with five different heels: stiletto, pump, casual, flat and wedged. They also come in more than 10 fabulous colors.


You can order them from their website here, just be sure to translate the page as they are a German company!


Watch the video here to see how they work!

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