The Roto Sweep™ Is A Rotating Hard Floor Sweeper That Picks Up Anything!

Do you ever have trouble cleaning up your mess with a broom/dustpan? Sometimes, it just doesn’t sweep in.
So you could pull out a vacuum, but it’ll be loud, you’ll need to plug it in, and it’s just bulky and heavy to carry around.
The Roto Sweep™ is a rotating hard floor sweeper that does the job of a vacuum in the form of a broom/dustpan.

It can clean many things like: tile, marble, linoleum, hardwood with no scuffing or scratching!

The best part? It uses no cords, no bags, and no batteries.

The Roto Sweep™ uses 3 rotating brushes to sweep up the dirt and debris easily into the onboard dustpan.

Once you’re finished picking everything up, just empty the door into the trash.

With the Roto Sweep™’s foldable handle, it’s easy to reach hard-to-reach places and makes storage simple.

It’s available on their product page for $19.99.

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