Liven Up Your Light Display with 16.8 Million Color Choices

Traditional string lights can add some magic and class to your holiday decor, your hipster dorm room, or your high-energy party, but they’re limited in what they can do. Most string lights only give off one color, and you have to change bulbs if you want to change colors.
Well, switching colors is a breeze with PLAYBULB String!
PLAYBULB String Is a smartphone-controlled string light set designed for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike regular string lights, PLAYBULB String can be programmed to display a vast array of colors!


How many colors? 16.8 million to be exact! By mixing standard blue, green, and red, the PLAYBULB color wheel gives you an incomprehensible number of choices to choose from!

Using the PLAYBULB X app, you can wield complete control over your display. You can power it on and off, but you can also choose from four distinct display patterns!


You can even use bulb covers and shades from traditional light sets to mix up your string light experience!


With the PLAYBULB X app, you can control up to five sets of PLAYBULB String lights at a time! Give them all the same color, sync their patterns, or mix it up – the choice is yours!


PLAYBULB lights are water-resistant and come with special covers for protectors to avoid shorting or water damage. They have a waterproof rating of IP65! That means it’s considered “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle! That’s pretty darn waterproof!


If you like to put up your Christmas tree early, PLAYBULB is the ideal solution! With so many colors to choose from and to play with, you never have to worry about getting bored with your display over time!


PLAYBULB String comes standard with a five foot extension cable to give you maximum reach, a USB adapter, and a cloth bag. Its DC power cord lets you power your lights via any standard USB port, too!


PLAYBULB String sets are available on Amazon for $39.99!


Check them out below!

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