The Nuni Toaster Is a Toaster for Your Tortillas to Give You Perfect, Hot Tortillas at Home

When it comes to toasters, there’s plenty of them that toast different kind of things other than bread like: hot dogs, taco shells and even more.
Well, tortillas are another thing you can add to that expanding list with the Nuni Toaster.


The Nuni Toaster is a unique tortilla toaster that will warm up to 6 tortillas to the perfect temperature in under 1 minute. Say goodbye to burnt tortillas and the tedious act of flipping them on a pan!

To use the Nuni Toaster, just insert the 6 tortillas into the slots and flip the bottom lever to start it. Once it’s done, just pull the lever on the back of the toaster and all the tortillas will slip right out of the slots onto a plate you can put at the bottom.

The Nuni Toaster has 5 different toaster heating settings and works great on corn, flour and wheat tortillas. With no flipping required, a one-touch button start, and an auto shut-off feature, you can be guaranteed the same results every time.

The Nuni Toaster is available for purchase on their website here.

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