New LG TV can be Rolled Up Like a Poster

Television. Without it, what would I point all of my furniture at? Nowadays, televisions are more computer than appliance, and as such, they’re ripe for frequent updating. Basically, whenever a new TV catches your eye, it’s time to update.
Well, the good folks at LG are working to bring you the coolest, mind-bendingest television you’ve ever seen, so you’ll be ready to snatch it up next time you’re ready for an upgrade. Behold, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV.
At a tech convention in Seoul, LG unveiled their new model of OLED television. Unlike their standard OLED TVs on the market currently, this one bends. A lot. Though it is not yet on the market, it is expected for release sometime in 2017.


This TV can bend and roll without cracking and without compromising the image quality. It’s also about as thin as a credit card!


Theoretically, you could roll this bad-boy up and take it on the go (although why you’d bring a multi-thousand dollar TV anywhere with you is beyond my comprehension).


The OLED Wallpaper TV is still in its conceptual stage, so it won’t be released to the public for quite some time. According to the Tech Times, It seems LG may be releasing it in 2017 with an estimated price tag of $10,000 Look at it this way, though. At least you’ll have plenty of time to save up your money!


Check it out in the video below!