Combine Covers and A Sleeping Bag Into One Convenient Sheet

Getting your kids to make their beds is an impossible task no longer! Zipit Bedding has invented a crossover between a sleeping bag and regular covers to make your nights easier.
The covers zip up the sides and leaves the bottom over for airflow, but you can be sure your kids won’t kick their covers off at night.


The bedding is all reversible so your child can change their style without any problems. They’re machine washable and can be zipped together while in the wash to make sure that you don’t lose any parts of the set.


Zipit has different models for bunkbeds, trundle beds, air mattresses and murphy beds, so each bed making task is now a breeze. Just zip it!


They also have a zippered side pocket so your child can keep a book, flashlight or any other special belongings close to them. It’s the easiest and most fun way to convince them to make their beds!


Zipit is available on Amazon.

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