This New Lacing System Turns Any Shoes into Slip-Ons

Laces on any kind of shoe can be a pain. Tying them so they aren’t too long or too short is practically a science, and the laces always come loose at the most inconvenient times, making you trip and potentially leaving you with serious injuries.
Enter the Hickies lacing system. It fits into your shoe’s lace holes, and is made from memory-fit elastomer that moves with your feet. With these pieces, your shoes they’ll be comfortable and secure no matter what you’re doing.





With the Hickies’ elastomer material, they expand and contract with your foot’s movement, giving you the best performance and the most comfort. And it’s designed with three different fits—loose, regular, and tight—giving you the perfect fit for each pair of shoes.



Never worry about what shoes to wear to the airport ever again—shoes equipped with Hickies can slip on and off with no problem at security!


Dressing your kids in the morning will never be easier—no more messing with laces during the morning rush out the door.


The best part is these aren’t just for running shoes—any shoes with laces can become lace-free, and with the different color options, you can definitely find one that will work with your shoes!


Check out the product in action in the video below!

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