This Shirt Stops Stains from Attacking Your Clothes

We’ve all been there: you’re eating a delicious, amazing meal when a glob of sauce squirts out on your nice, clean shirt. And if it happens early enough in the day, you have to walk around with the ugly stain on your shirt like a badge of dishonor.
But what if life didn’t have to be like that? What if your regular clothes could keep stains away and keep you looking fresh?
That’s where the Cavalier Stain Repellant Men’s T-shirt from Threadsmiths comes in. It’s a basic, versatile t-shirt embedded with special technology designed to keep any person cool and stain-free all day.



This 100% cotton t-shirt has advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology, making it water-repellant and stain-resistant. Any dirt or liquid simply runs off the fabric. It looks really trippy, but this actually works.


As well, this shirt doesn’t absorb sweat, keeping you looking and smelling good all day long.


Check out the stain-resistant shirt in action in the video below!

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The Cavalier Stain Repellant Men's T-shirt