New Kind Of Wind Turbine Could Enable Electricity Generation Anywhere

Imagine being able to generate your own wind power whenever and wherever you want. There isn’t a need for the landscape-obscuring giant white turbines, but instead this newly designed red and black assembly. Designed with a pinwheel in mind, a Canadian man is hoping others will see the ease and magnificence of this invention.


The drill turbine can easily be installed on your bike whenever the wind isn’t strong enough, and can even be installed in a variety of other locations. Dual USB ports mean you can charge two devices at the same time, so long as those devices need a 5 volt charge. This means you can charge your smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, GPS, and more with this highly portable unit.

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At just the speed of 7.5 mph, the 10,000 mAh Lithium-ion power bank will begin to be charged. The assembly also contains two Orbital 90 lumens LEDs, making your bike very visible if you’re biking at night. Included various attachments mean the Drill Turbine can go wherever you go, and give you charging freedom almost anywhere you can think off, and all at a very affordable price.

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