Never Worry About Losing Your Cookies In The Milk Again

The worst feeling in the world is not being able to perfectly dunk your cookie in a cold glass of milk. Okay, not the worst, but pretty close. Your fingers get messy, the cookie breaks, just chaos.
But Dunkin’ Buddy is here to save the day. Dunkin’ Buddy is a small device that sticks to the side of your glass with a magnet. Just place the carriage in the glass with the magnet on the outside and lower away!
Dragging the magnet up and down the glass will hold your cookies in place and allow you to dunk them cleanly and to your level of milky goodness. It’s compatible with any cup, just make sure the lip is wide enough to fit the holder (which can accommodate two cookies at a time).
On top of being super efficient, it’s also a good excuse to teach your kids about the science behind magnets.


The Dunkin’ Buddy comes in blue and pink models, is safe for kids older than four and comes with a color changing cup


It’s available on Amazon for $10. Check it out in action in the video below!

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