This Jar Opener Looks Like a Giant Zipper

Opening jars is easily one of the hardest jobs in the kitchen (unless you’re one of the lucky few who can open them with no problem, in which case, I hate you). Everyone has their own tricks and tips, but in any case, it’s far too much work just to open one jar.
The Zip-Eat! Jar Opener is here to save the day. Its unique and fun design gives you the most control over the jar, providing the perfect grip and leverage to open any jar with ease!


Using it is simple: zip the silicone zipper snugly against the jar lid, then turn the Zip-Eat! to remove the lid. The silicone material provides more friction against the jar, making it a better surface to hold than the slippery lid or glass.


Pick it up on Amazon for $14!

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Zip-Eat! Jar Opener