Never Under/Overcook A Meal Again With The Cuciniale Intelligent Cooking System

Consistently good results with cooking takes years of professional cooking experience. Unfortunately, for the average Joe like myself and others, we usually end up serving a lot of under/overcooked meals. With the Cuciniale intelligent cooking system, you can cook the perfect meal every time!
Using artificial intelligence, the Cuciniale intelligent cooking system includes a multi-sensor wireless probe to peek inside your food, a powerful induction cooktop and an app for your smartphone (connected by Bluetooth). With a few simple taps from your fingertips, you’ll be serving top restaurant quality meals right from your home.


The sensor is the eyes of the system. It uses six precise sensors to accurately measure the state of your food. It hooks onto cookware very easily and sends you information over Bluetooth to your app.


The powerful induction cooktop is the hands of the system. It’s an induction hotplate that automatically adjusts heat throughout the cooking process to ensure the perfectly cooked meal every time. It has overheat protection and touch control, as well as, an LED number display so that you can make sure it’s cooking at the proper temperature.


Finally, you have the app for your smart phone. This is the brain of the system. Using the data from the sensor, algorithms and artificial intelligence will control the cooktop. It gives you real-time information about your food, notifies you if you’re needed, and estimates your cooking time. This means you don’t have to be at the cooktop while your foods cooking. Go spend that extra time with your lovely guests.



With prestigious chefs around the globe testing this product and enjoying it, you can be sure the Cuciniale is the perfect kitchen gadget.

You can find it on Kickstarter here for the limited deal price of $163!

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