Consolidate Your Lunch and Make It Eco-Friendly With This Handy Travel Container

We live in a golden age of packaging. We consume a ridiculous amount of food packaged in paper, plastic and wax. Almost all of that packaging ends up in garbage cans and landfills, left to rot away and pollute the earth.
Well, GreenTraveler is here to offer you a simple, compact, and reusable alternative to wasteful packaging!
GreenTraveler is a comprehensive food packaging system that stores your entire lunch in a cylinder about the size of a larger thermos! Made up of multiple compartments, you can store a large boxed lunch in a compact container without risk of squishing or bruising your food.

The GreenTraveler can hold 44 ounces (over 1.3 litres) worth of food in total in its four microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe compartments.


The GreenTraveler is made up of a large and small cup compartment and two flat-bottom half-cylinder compartments that all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. You can even attach a strap so you can wear it over your shoulder or around your back!


It’s also made of recyclable plastics free of BPA or phthalates, so your food is secure without risk of contamination from seeping material.


It’s ideal for those on the go, those living an acitve lifestyle, and those who simply want to do their part to make the world a greener place without having to lug around cumbersome tupperware.


The GreenTraveler is available in one of three colors (to be announced) on Kickstarter for $35!


Check it out below!

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GreenTraveler Travel-Friendly Food Container