This Mini Printer Lets You Print from Anywhere, at Any Time, and on Any Paper

Printing is a hassle. If you need to print something, you either have to spend an obscene amount of money on your own printer, paper, and ink, or you spend an obscene amount of money using a public printer.
Finally, the printer has advanced to 2016 with ZUta Lab’s robotic printer!
With only 350 grams of weight, you can carry this little guy everywhere you go. It comes with two cartridges of ink, so all you need is some paper and you’re good to go.

A full battery can last for one uninterrupted hour of printing and each cartridge can print about 100 pages, giving you plenty of juice for even the longest of papers.


The printer has wi-fi built into it, letting it connect with any device: smartphone, computer, or tablet!


Check out the robotic printer in action in the video below!

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ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer