Never Burn Your Fingers Again With Safe Grabs – The Multipurpose Kitchen Tool

Do you ever microwave your food and try to grab it out, only to end up burning your fingers or dropping your meal? If this problem sounds familiar, you can easily solve it with Safe Grabs – the multipurpose kitchen tool.
Safe Grabs is an easy and simple tool that serves many purposes, one of them being a way to safely grab your meal out of the microwave. Just slip it under the plate or bowl and grab the groove side of the silicone mat while taking it out.

The Safe Grabs silicone mat can also act as:
A Food Cover
A Jar Opener

A Pot/Pan Grabber


A Trivet


A Placemat for your Kids/Pets



And a Splatter Guard to keep your microwave clean


Finished with your Safe Grabs mat? Just clean it and store it in the microwave. It’s BPA Free and Food Grade Silicone so you can be ensured it’s safe for your kids to use.


Safe Grabs mats come in two sizes: 10 inch and 12 inch, and also come in three different colors: red, orange, and green.

A set of two mats (10 inch and 12 inch) is available on Amazon for $27.95!

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