Mature Cat Tree House

All cat lovers know that cats love to climb, and with this Cat Tree House, you are giving your furry friend a full seven feet of play and fun. Perfect for several cats to play on at once, or as a luxurious place for your pampered pussy cat.

This beautifully hand-crafted Cat Tree House is a durable interactive play center for your cats and a stylish decoration for your room. It is custom made from wood, cedar, synthetic silk leaves and plush carpeting, giving your cat the freedom to roam and explore as she chooses. The movement and flexibility of the Tree House will bring out your cat’s natural instinct of curiosity, encouraging it to spend hours climbing, jumping and seeking the perfect place for a nap under the sun. It is so attractive to cats that your drapes will be left in peace!

The Tree House comes fully assembled; all you have to do is add the leaves to the small pegs in the tree.

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