The Serenading Pool Gondolier

The summer is here and it’s time for pool parties! And how better to entertain your family and friends, than with your very own personal pool gondolier? This friendly little guy will happily paddle around your pool serenading you with three classic Italian operas. The 6 inch high tenor will perform, “La Dona è mobile”, “O sole mio” and “Funicular”.

Turn on your Pool Gondolier and enjoy watching as he paddles his way around your pool, his mouth moving as he sings. A light on the deck of his gondola also gives an ambience to his evening performances. The motor can be turned off allowing the gondolier to merely float serenely as he sings for you. Choose between a clockwise, counter clockwise or straight course with the simple flick of the gondola’s rudder. And to allow for even more ambience, the volume of his singing can be adjusted. Let your Pool Gondolier transport you and your guests to the beautiful city of Venice and its meandering canals.

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