Make Any TV Or Projector Interactive With This Little Device

The GoTouch is a portable, easy-to-use, little gadget that instantly turns a TV or projector into an interactive whiteboard. It’s an ideal device to use in business meetings, schools or even at home.
The GoTouch brings highly-accurate infrared technology to your TV or projector and is connected by Wi-Fi through the internet and their app so that multiple people can join in to the interactive screen. Setup takes minutes, all you need to do is pair your GoTouch to your phone, tablet or PC using bluetooth or Wi-Fi, connect it to your TV, and launch the app. The GoTouch also has a rechargeable battery, meaning no wires needed, providing more convenience and accessibility.




The best part is that you won’t experience any lag when you draw or write. The GoTouch uses a 4K Ultra HD camera to track the infrared light, giving it pinpoint accuracy. The camera is running at 100 frames per second providing a 3x faster refresh rate than TVs! The GoTouch is compatible with iOS, Android and PC, so you won’t have to worry about any software you would need to purchase.



Inside the app, you’ll find customizable features and settings giving you a variety of drawing tools, the ability to change the color of your pen, and even the thickness. This allows you to have a more engaging presentation for that crucial business meeting or school assignment.

You can get your hands on a GoTouch now for $89 on Kickstarter (41% off retail price)!


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Device To Instantly Make TV Or Projector Interactive