Never Lift Your Knife While Cutting Ingredients Again With BOLO: The Rolling Knife!

Did you know that the traditional knife was invented 2.5 million years ago? The evolution we’ve seen throughout time is astonishing, and it’s hard to believe that the design of the traditional life still stayed the same for this long. Well no more!
Introducing BOLO: The Rolling Knife that has the design of a circular kitchen knife.

BOLO is a knife that rolls easily through your food, giving you precision cutting and incredible power, the knife is guaranteed to cut through on the first roll of the blade, each and every time!

The process behind the BOLO is simple. With a traditional knife, the pressure and force you apply on the knife is the same every time. Straight down in one direction. With BOLO, you’ll apply force and pressure in multiple directions with the rolling blade, never lifting your knife from the cutting board.


Even better than faster and precise cutting, the BOLO can not only cut, but also slice, dice, mince, and chop! So whatever ingredient you plan on adding to your meal, you can be sure BOLO can make the process easier!





Get yourself a BOLO rolling knife from their site here.