Travel in Comfort with This Versatile Frontal Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are like fat-free foods. They just can’t compare to the real deal, no matter how hard the manufacturer begs to differ.
Well, WOOLLIP is the real deal.
WOOLLIP is a uniquely-designed travel pillow that’s built to accommodate the cramped quarters of a plane cabin or train car seat.

WOOLLIP has two arm holes and one face hole. Its square base lets you twist and turn the pillow in any direction to fit your preferred sleeping position. You can lay face down, rest your head against the window, or lay forward with your head sideways. Any way you sleep, WOOLLIP has you covered.



WOOLLIP is designed with your travel space in mind. Pull out your tray table to make the perfect resting space and support base for your WOOLLIP.


WOOLLIP takes only 5 breathes to inflate and two seconds to deflate. Better still, it collapses roughly to the size of a smartphone.


It’s currently available in gray and blue, with plans to introduce more colors in the future.


WOOLLIP is available on Indiegogo for $35. Check it out in the video below!

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WOOLLIP Inflatible Travel Pillow