Look Below the Surface in This Invisible Kayak

Invisible vehicles sound like a good idea until you realize that they’d probably be very fragile. If you tried to build a car or a truck out of glass or some comparable see-through material, chances are it wouldn’t be road-ready or even street legal. But what about boats?
Well, look no further than the Crystal Kayak. Finally, there’s a vehicle that’s invisible, sea-worthy, and durable. Thanks to its solid polycarbonate design, the Crystal Kayak is lightweight yet super strong. It’s just as strong (and twice as cool) as a standard kayak!
With its anodized aluminum frame, the Crystal Kayak weighs almost nothing for a boat, weighing in at only 45 pounds while comfortably holding up to 425 pounds! Each Crystal Kayak comes with two seats and two sets of paddles, but can easily be converted for solo use.
Crystal Kayak4

But wouldn’t a see-through kayak begin to yellow or crack over time? No! Thanks to its built-in UV protection and easy-to-clean surface, it’s simpler than you think to keep your Crystal Kayak as smooth and clear as the day you bought it.


Best of all, each Crystal Kayak comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty! Right now, for a limited time, you can get your very own Crystal Kayak for $1599!


Watch it take to the waters in the video below!

via The Crystal Kayak Company
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