Entertain Your Kids with This Colorful Bouncy Jungle Gym

Children’s outdoor playgrounds are a lot of fun, but they’re pretty much stationary once they’ve been built.
Well, who says they have to be?

The Jungle JumpaRoo combines everyone’s favorite elements of any jungle gym set up – the monkey bars, the climbing structure, the fort, and the trampoline (y’know, if you grew up with, like, a REALLY cool jungle gym).

climb-swing-jump pics

With its puffy donut and symmetrical rainbow bars, the Jungle JumpaRoo can be anything you want it to be. The only limit is your child’s imagination.


It also comes with add-ons, so you can attach a rope swing to it or hook it up to a hose and make it a sprinkler!


You can even bring it indoors and use it like a blanket fort!


For only $400, you can get the Jungle JumpaRoo right now on Amazon!


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