Smart Changing Pad Tracks Your Baby’s Weight and Eating Habits

Babies are small and need constant attention. It’s vital to track their diets and habits, but they’re far too small to wear Fitbits or any other kind of health technology wearables. They spend a good portion of their days lying down, so what if there were a way to gather that info while letting them do their own thing?
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Well, there is. The Hatch Baby is a new smart scale designed specifically for infants. Masquerading as a changing station, Hatch baby lets you weigh your baby with ease.

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You can track your babies weight over time and compare their charts to the averages provided by the World Health Organization.

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On top of that, you can track similar stats for their food consumption, including how much they eat each feeding time and sending notifications to you with every update. The same stats can be tracked for their sleeping and growth patterns.

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It will also track what goes on with each baby changing, letting you keep up with your babies schedule so you can tell if your baby is regular or not.

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The Hatch Baby is soft to the touch, so it’s super comfortable for your child. Best of all, it’s surprisingly light, weighing only 9 lbs!

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The Hatch baby is available on Amazon for for only $250!

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See the Hatch Baby in action below!

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