Liquid Clock Flows from One Minute to the Next

Time flows when you’re having fun. Actually, it flows even when you aren’t having fun, too. It’s always flowing, so your clock should reflect that.
Rhei 1
This is Rhei – an electromechanical clock with a liquid display. Watch the minutes flow from one to the next right before your eyes. Little magnetic tumblers inside the clock pull the floating goo around to change the numbers.
Rhei 4
To add to the technological wizardry, Rhei’s creators promise that its display will never look the same way twice – an artistic choice that reflects the unrelenting movement from moment to moment. Time never repeats itself and neither will your clock. No two minutes will ever look the same.

Rhei 3

It is as much an art piece as it is a clock and as much a clock as it is a science experiment. Rhei is both analog and digital, but at the same time it’s neither. Add a little existentialist flavor to your home with Rhei.

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Rhei 2

Learn more about the design process in the video below!