Lightweight, Indestructible, Flexible Lock

When it comes to bike locks, you often have to make a judgement call. You can choose something secure and heavy or flimsy and light. Most of us, however, want the best of both worlds. We need a flexible, easy to store bike lock that keeps our bike securely locked down.
OTTOLOCK is the solution.
OTTOLOCK is a like a zip tie with a combination lock. It’s secure, flexible, and fits just about anywhere. Just wrap it around your bike, pull, and you’re good to go! You can use it on much more than just your bike – tie it around a boat, a cooler, or a chair on a windy day.

But how sturdy could a single bike lock be? Well, OTTOLOCK combines the powers of reinforced steel, kevlar fiber (y’know, that stuff they use to make bulletproof vests), and scratch-proof plastic. No amount of stretching, bending, twisting, or bolt cutting will break open the OTTOLOCK – only the number combination will do the trick.



The lock face is designed to be smash-proof, but the whole thing still weighs only a quarter of a pound!

Also, you can reset your combination whenever you like!


The OTTOLOCK can be paired with the OTTOMOUNT, so you can access and store your lock even quicker and easier.


The OTTOLOCK is compact enough to fit just about anywhere, so you can stash it in a fanny pack, in a bike seat pouch, or even in your skin-tight biking uniform.


The OTTOLOCK comes in 18″, 30″, and 60″ sizes, so you can lock your bike anyway you see fit. Do you tie up your bike through the wheel? Maybe the frame? Perhaps you wrap it around your handles? Well, you can use those methods and many more with the OTTOLOCK.

The OTTOLOCK comes in Stealth Black, Flash Green, and OTTO Orange. The OTTOMOUNT comes in Stealth Black and Flash Green.


The OTTOMOUNT is available through Kickstarter for $49! Checkout the video below to learn more about how OTTOLOCK scares away potential bike thieves!


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