Let Your LEGO take Flight With This Building Brick Drone Set

LEGO is a quintessential children’s toy. With a variety of shapes, colors, styles, and sizes, you can build virtually anything you can conjure in your mind as long as you have the bricks for it.
LEGO has had some engine/cog/physics-based sets in the past, but nothing on the level of this build-your-own drone set.
Meet Flybrix. Flybrix are simple, easy-to-understand kits for building flying drones. If you can follow the instruction manual and know how to work a pair of hands, you can use Flybrix.

Each kit comes filled with all of the pieces and tools you will need to build your very own drone set.


Flybrix drones are controlled with an easy to use smartphone app, but can also be synched with a special Flybrix 4 AA battery-powered remote control for a more precise, natural feeling controller.


Flybrix sets can be built with 4, 6, or 8 wings depending on your level of skill and comfort with the kit.


Flybrix can be fun for more tech-savvy folks as well. Its software is open-source and can be fiddled with using the Flybrix Chrome Extension Configuration Software. You can even add GPS and Wi-Fi modules to it!

It runs on a Arduino-compatible 96Mhz ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor and has a custom PCB that includes a barometer, a magnetometer, several indicator LEDs, ADC converters, SD card slot and bluetooth!


Flybrix sets start at $149, or $189 for the set with the bundled remote control.

Check out the drone design process below!

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