Let This Desk Lamp Inspire You to Be More Creative

When you’re working in a bland and plain environment, it’s hard to get creative and make the magic happen. Getting inspired to paint a gorgeous sunset or simply write a good English paper is hard to do without a little extra help.
That’s where the Drew Pencil Lamp comes in. It’s a lamp designed to look like a pencil writing—and the power cord is the ink.
With almost seven feet of cord, you can loop the pencil lamp around your desk, pretending to scribble and get those creative juices flowing.

Its sleek yet fun design is meant for virtually anyone: a little kid during playtime, a creative professional, or anyone who just wants to wake up and be inspired.

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With its LED bulbs, the lighting will never be too harsh and will never overheat. Simply twist to turn on and you’ll have a perfectly lit space!



For more information, check out the campaign on their Kickstarter page.

Watch the Drew Pencil Lamp in action in the video below!

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