Get a Full-Size Office That Collapses to the Size of a Single Drawer

If you are a student with cramped living quarters or just have a taste for clever minimalist design, the Ludovico Transforming Office is for you!
The Ludovico Office contains a chair, three drawers, and a desk table that folds up to look like a simple two-drawer nightstand.
With one pull, you can unfold a sturdy, wooden desk that will support the weight of any personal computer, laptop, or notebook. But what about a chair?
Pull the handle between the bottom two drawers to reveal a full-sized wooden desk chair! You can even access the drawers without disturbing the chair or knocking it out of place.


The Ludovico is available in all-white or in natural wood and white. It is made of 100% wood and comes mostly assembled. Simply attach the wheels and the desk and you’re good to go!


It also comes with an extended 500 day warranty on its mechanics!


The Ludovico is available here for $605!


Check it out in the video below!

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Ludovico Compact Office Set