Iron Your Clothes In Only 2 Minutes With Flippr – The Revolutionary Ironing Board

Ironing your clothes is such a tedious task. Whether you like it or not, properly ironing your clothes to make them wrinkle-free is bound to waste an hour or more of your precious time. This is due to the constant repositioning of your clothes and making sure you get every spot.
Well, with this ironing board, you can iron a lot quicker, 75% quicker in fact! Introducing: the Flippr.
Flippr is an ironing board that makes ironing quicker and less tedious. By having a ironing board that can flip 360 degrees, the process is simplified to: iron, flip, iron.

What about the sleeves? The Flippr comes with an included detail board that allows you to iron collars and sleeves like it’s nothing.
And of course, you can’t forget your pants. Included with the Flippr is also a pant clip to clip down the seam and make it easier to iron.

With 8 levels of adjustment and a detachable iron pocket, the Flippr is the better ironing board you thought you’d never need.

Done ironing? The Flippr has wheels for easy travel convenience.


If you want a Flippr, it’s available on Indiegogo for $124.

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