This Cordless Vacuum Sucks Up Your Pooch’s Poop In No Time!

Taking your dog on a walk is a great way for some quality bonding time. But then, comes the worst part. When your pooch needs to take a number two. Now you have to go out of that great quality time to pick up your dog’s poop with a bag and walk back and forth from the garbage. This gets especially worse when your dog has to do it multiple times.
That’s why this was invented: the Pooch Power Dog Poop Vacuum.

The Pooch Power Dog Poop Vacuum is a cordless vacuum pooper scooper that will save you time and effort to pick up your pooch’s poop.

It’s very simple to use. Like any other vacuum, the Pooch Power Dog Poop Vacuum simply sucks up the turd into a bag that is easily disposed afterwards. Move it next to other turds to suck those up as well.



Using a 30,000 RPM motor, the vacuum is able to withstand dog waste from grass, concrete, or even snow-covered ground.



The vacuum runs using an internal battery that provides up to 50 cleanups and is able to be charged in only 12 hours. It also comes with 10 disposable bags which hold up to a week’s worth of waste.

Extra bags are available here on Amazon.

If you’d like a Pooch Power Dog Poop Vacuum for yourself, you can purchase it here on Amazon for $58.47.

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