Easily Remove The Snow From Your Roof With Avalanche – The Roof Snow Removal System

It’s the winter season, and with that, comes the frustrating task of shovelling snow. It’s easy to shovel the snow on the ground, you take out your snow blower or do it the old fashioned way with manual labor and a shovel. But what about the snow on your roof?
It doesn’t sound very safe to use a ladder, so that’s where this tool comes in – the Avalanche.
The Avalanche is a wheeled roof rake that rolls through snow removal chores twice as fast as standard roof rakes. The wheels help protect your roof and allow for easier movement through the snow, reducing your back strain.


With a patented cutter frame and 1-1/2-Inch wheels, you won’t have to worry about snow staying on your roof again.



The Avalanche has an easy assembly and requires no tools to assemble. Done removing the snow? Its snap-on coupler system makes it easy for storage and use at another time.


The Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System is available on Amazon.

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Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System