Have Hidden Storage in All Your Furniture with Ozzio – Transformable Home Decor!

The Ozzio – Transformable Coffee Table turns your traditional coffee table into one with a hidden storage.

So whether you need a quick way to access plates and utensils for a quick meal, or a quick way to access board games for your friends, the transformable coffee table does just that.

You could also just lift up the table to have a higher coffee table for better comfortability.

The Ozzio has 5 models in their transformable coffee tables catalogue: the Radius, the Markus, the Bellagio Round, the Bellagio, and the Metrino.

You can get the Ozzio – Transformable Coffee Table by asking the company for a quote here. Or check out the following retailer: Nuastyle.

Another option is the entertainment unit that doubles as a dining set.

Hidden behind the TV is a folding table with wheels and also up to six folding chairs.

If you thought that was impressive, take a look at this unassuming sofa table.

It expands into a full sized dining table by just pulling the legs and letting the extra leaves snap up into place.

If your living room is a little crowded, take a gander at this couch that is hiding away a kitchen table and chairs.

The bottom of the sofa falls away and the table and chairs (folded, of course) can be slid out of the section. You can keep using the couch even when the inserts are out.

For more info about all these products, make sure to visit ozzio.com.