Inflatable Jacket Massages Your Back and Fixes Your Posture

Do you spend your days in a cubicle? Do you find that after sitting for long periods of time, your back starts to ache?
Well, the AiraWear is the answer to your prayers!

The AiraWear is a discreet vest that you can slip under any hoodie or piece of outwear.

Using inflatable air bags and pressure nodes, the AiraWear knows exactly where to apply pressure to cure what ails you. It’ll knead your problems away like a kindly baker working a heap of dough (or, more accurately, a masseuse working on a client).

The AiraWear is controlled using a smartphone app, where you can monitor the state of your back and augment your experience to better suit your preferences.


Do you naturally have bad posture? Well, the AiraWear will fix that too! It’s massaging cushions will inflate and gently apply pressure to correct your spine – nipping the source of some of your back pain right in the bud!

Through a special Kickstarter offer, you can get your Airawear for only $99! Check out the video below to see a review of the AiraWear in action!

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