Hub: Instantly Share Wireless Audio With Your Friends

The HUB by ekko is the world’s first Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi audio hub system for headphones, ear buds, and speakers. You can listen to high quality sound at incredible volumes without disturbing the neighbours or even the guests sitting next to you. It’s a multi-room sound system that has the potential to completely change the home entertainment game.
Sleek and elegantly designed, the HUB is capable of streaming real-time audio to four or more listeners at once. It’s perfect for video games, family movie night, and your favorite music. It’s also fairly adaptable, allowing you to use almost any kind of speaker or headphone system. The built-in Wi-Fi means you can connect the HUB to any source, including your TV, computer, mobile phones, tablets and more.
It’s compact design can also pack quite the proverbial punch, with wireless charging that replenishes the battery that can provide up to 4.5 hours of continual use. 24-bit Audio is a key feature which puts studio quality in the palm of your hand. Feel free to take it around the house as the HUB has a solid range of 50 feet, and can be controlled from the comfort of a mobile app on your phone.

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