An Honest-To-God Hoverboard Could Soon Be Yours In A Few Years

Ever since Back to the Future Part II made its debut in 1989, people all around the world have dreamed of a day where hoverboards were a common reality. All of a sudden we wanted them just as much as we wanted jetpacks. And the same company that brought us water-powered jetpacks is on the verge of bringing to market a real hoverboard.
No offence to other “hoverboards” out there, but a true hoverboard as we think of them is a board which actually hovers in the air and doesn’t rely on wheels. Zapata Racing is on a mission, and they are one step closer thanks to their complete shattering of the Guinness World Record for furthest distance travelled on a hovering transportation device.
As you can see, the prototype Flyboard Air can fly at least 100 feet above the water and reached a top speed of 44 mph in its test flight. According to the company, it can go much faster than that. In fact, they claim it can go up to 93 mph and a single charge can keep it in the air for ten minutes. While it’s not used exactly like a skateboard, it is an important step in the right direction. It’s not on the market yet and won’t be for some time, but you can keep your eyes peeled over at their website.

via Flyboard® by ZR