Hocus Pocus! Decorating Made Easy With The HocuSpoon

It’s named after a magic spell because it works like magic. Just fill with your preferred powdered spice or confection, press the button, and watch the magic happen! This makes food decorating extra easy and super fast, giving you more time to enjoy those delicious goodies and drinks!


Ever wanted to give a little extra or something special to a dessert? Maybe your morning coffee? A family member’s favourite meal? Now you can decorate your dishes with lovely motifs made of tasty cinnamon, sugar, and more, and all with just the press of a button.



You can create instant and professional detail, and there are at least sixteen patterns and designs to choose from! The HocuSpoon also comes apart quickly and easily for when you want to change design templates or wash it out before its next use. All-in-all, it’s a must-have for your kitchen, and can even be a fun way to get the kids involved!

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Watch the video below to see the spoon’s magic!

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HocuSpoon - The Magic Spice Spoon