Golchi is the 3-in-1 Customizable Water Bottle You Need in Your Life

If you are an outdoors kind of person, a health nut, or a productive individual who is always on the go, then this product has been made with you specifically in mind. We are genuinely impressed with how versatile and customizable the Golchi is, and how it can serve the needs of everyone from gym lovers to new mothers, and everything in between.



Golchi is the first vacuum insulated bottle to be brought to the attention of the world that can carry two drinks simultaneously, and at different temperatures if you desire. This is all due to its incredible modular design. There are four different configurations, and even a small amount of storage space for a snack or powder. It also comes with an adjustable drinking spout to control the flow of various beverages.




The total volume of liquid is nothing to sneeze at, since it can comfortably carry 27 oz. and has been designed to be highly portable and fit practically anywhere. Sliders on the lids let you know which drink is hot and which one is cold. It can even carry a can of soda and keep it cold for you. With six different and unique styles to choose from, there is a stylish and functional Golchi bottle for everyone!


The total height is 11. inches, but Golchi can be modified into two separate bottles if you wish. It can also be changed into a single drink bottle just by rearranging the existing parts. It’s quite the compact marvel of engineering. Take hot and cold drinks with you, or keep baby formula at the ready, or have your pre and post-workout drinks ready to go at a moments notice.

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Golchi - World's Most Versatile and Customizable Bottle