The GlocalMe Mobile Hotspot Is Your New Must-Have Travel Accessory

Along with my passport, phone, ear buds, toothbrush, and body gel, this is now considered a travel “must have” for going on vacation or when heading overseas for work. Say goodbye to those insanely priced roaming fees while abroad and stay connected with the GlocalMe Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device, a jaw-droppingly awesome travel accessory.


It does not require a local Sim Card to function, instead relying on the internal intelligent system to assign traffic from different carriers to your phone or pad based on your location. All you need to do is turn it on and ensure it has a full charge. So far, it can work in over 100 countries around the world, giving you true freedom and flexibility when exploring all that our incredible world has to offer.


From Thailand to Italy, this device is supported and enables you to only pay for the data you need. It’s also very flexible, allowing you either pay as you go or get a lump sum 1GB data package ($34) for over 100 countries. It’s secure, private, can even come with a mobile app, there’s no contract and no monthly charges. It’s hard to think of a more useful accessory for today’s travel enthusiasts.

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GlocalMe G2 World's First 4G Global Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot