Emulate Natural Daylight With The Touch Of Your Fingertips

Light is an important part of our daily lives. We use it everywhere we go. Whether it be at home, at school, at work, it’s everywhere. The problem is that instead of using natural daylight, we power our lighting through fluorescent tubes. Kiën Light wants to change this and take the fluorescent tube shape and combine it with natural daylight emulation, into one product: the Licht 1.
The LICHT 1 is a smart pendant lamp that increases your well-being and productivity, as well as, lowering energy expenses by 80%! The intelligent and modular light system uses app control via smartphones and tablets. The Kiën app is available on iOS, Windows and Android to emulate the natural daylight.

By emulating natural daylight, you get healthier and productive light levels across the day. This allows you to get the perfect lighting conditions for your needs. The lighting system will dynamically adjust to your personal requirements.




The LICHT 1 is really simple to set up. You just attach the lamp to the wire suspension and then plug it into the lamp with their patented cable plug. If you need more lighting, the LICHT 1 has modular installation, meaning that you can use multiple lamps and attach it to one power source. Control all the lamps or each lamp individually with their app.



The LICHT 1 comes in three different sizes: 60cm, 100cm, and 140cm in length. It also comes in 3 different forms: concrete, wood and aluminum, with a total of 7 different finishes!


If you want a LICHT 1 lamp, you can find it on Kickstarter here. The small lamp starts at $430.

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Smart Pendant Lamp That Emulates Natural Daylight