This Simple Toy is Sure to Become Your Dog’s New Favorite!

We all love our pets and want to give them the most bang for their buck when it comes to play time. The fact is, though, our arms get tired and we as humans can only throw a fetch toy so far. Well, now the HurriK9 ring launching toy is here to make up for our weak throwing arms.
HurriK9 is a new dog toy that can launch large toy rings over 100 feet ahead, giving your dog a literal run for your money. Made from EVA foam, it can withstand the sharpest of your dogs teeth. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to rip it to shreds like your average toy. It’s also super soft, so you won’t hurt them if you accidentally bonk them on the head with it. Just pull back the trigger, let it go, and watch the rings fly!

It’s also safe for use indoors and incredibly buoyant in water. because of its shape, your dog can wear the launched rings around their neck or carry it in their mouth, but they won’t be able to soak it with slober like a dirty old tennis ball.


Best of all, the HurriK9 was designed by a rocket scientist. With its aerodynamic design, the HurriK9 covers a whole football field in just two launches! You can even pull back the launcher only a little bit to cover less distance in doors.


The HurriK9 is available on Amazon for $49.95!


How much do dogs love it? See the video below to see for yourself!

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