The Elretron Penna Keyboard Turns your Tablet into a Retro Typewriter

Having a keyboard for your tablet can make working on it a lot easier, but the standard keyboards out there are so boring. What if you could combine the classic feel of a typewriter with modern technology?
The Elretron Penna Bluetooth keyboard does just that. It mimics the design and feel of a retro typewriter while working seamlessly with your current tablet, computer, or smartphone!

You can pair up to five devices via Bluetooth, letting you use the same keyboard for your tablet, phone, or computer.

The Macro bar on the side allows you to save frequently used keys and words and recall them by pressing the bar down.

The keyboard works on any operating system—Windows, Android, or Apple!

Two AA batteries gives you up to six months of idle battery time, ensuring you don’t need to change your batteries all the time.

To preorder your own keyboard, check out the brand’s Indigogo page!

Watch the keyboard in action in the video down below!

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Elretron Penna Bluetooth Keyboard