This Belt Buckle Turns Into a Great Multi-Tool With 12 Tools

Ever wanted to own a belt buckle that could turn into a multi-tool with 12 tools?
The Sync II made by SOG Specialty Knives and Tools is exactly just that.

The Sync II is designed to be easily worn with a detachable base as a belt buckle or simply clipped on a pack strap or boot.



It conveniently detaches from the base with only one hand, while remaining locked and secure during active movement.
Here are the 12 tools they come equipped with:

1. Blade (Straight)
2. Bolt/Nut Gripper
3. Bottle Opener
4. Crimpers
5. File (3-Sided)
6. Flat Screwdriver (Medium)
7. Flat Screwdriver (Small)
8. Phillips Screwdriver
9. Pliers
10. Ruler
11. Scissors
12. Wire Cutter (Soft)

The Sync II fits belts up to 1-3/4″. Thinner belts up to 1-3/8” are best used with the Sync I.

The Sync II is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Sync II Belt Buckle