Clean Your Whisk With Ease Using The Balloon Whisk

Have you ever had trouble washing your whisk? I mean, sure, you could lick the whisk clean, but there’s bound to be some residue left that needs to be cleaned. And due to the design of the traditional whisk, that can be pretty difficult to do.
That’s why this whisk was invented – the Magisso Balloon Whisk.
The Magisso Balloon Whisk is just like a traditional whisk but the handle is held together by two magnets. This allows for the Balloon Whisk to split in two when it needs cleaning making it easy and quick.



It still maintains the same functionality as any other whisk.


The Magisso Balloon Whisk received the red dot: best of the best award, so you can be sure that it’s the perfect match for innovative design and functionality.

The Magisso Ballon Whisk is available on Amazon for $25.

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